22 April 2009

Mmm I like these

Hey, I like these Weinbrenner boots

Oh nooo that suit!

Okay I know im probably late but whatever this video is still funny. Choppa from making the band 1 is a clown...Him & Ness (from MTB1) have been going back & forth..& here's Choppa's comeback to Ness's video. He says he doesn't mess w/ Wayne cause he's a sensitive a** N****! but wholetime look at his suit, lls.. where did he get that from?

Drake Freestyle

Drake freestyled at HOT97


Zoe Kravitz is cool to me. This chick never has her hair done, but always seems to shit on everybdoy! Here she is on the set of Twelve

Dat Kid from Cleveland

So yall know I love KiD CuDi! & guess what he's back at it again..He has a new mixtape entitled "Dat kid from cleveland". So of course I want you guys to check it out:

Mario goes BALD

Mario decides to switch up his style, do something new.. & when I peep the pictures I scream & yell WTF!(literally). What in the hell gave him the idea going bald was going to be a good look. He looks like a damn fool! I know he's fallen off a lil bit but this is def. NOT way to get back on top.

But hey.. if it floats his boat.. Who am I to judge..

Asher Roth's album is now in stores!

Yayy! So im extremelyyy excited because Asher Roth's cd dropped Monday.. & did I cop mine?? Indeed I did..sent daddy on a mission to get mine Monday morning & I was listening to it on my ipod by Monday afternoon. I love Asher Roth & expected his album to be on point & of course it was.

If you haven't already got your copy..You need to go get it NOW!

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana is getting hotter by the minute. She's been on her A game lately fashion.. And she is on the rise to being hollywood's new IT girl.

Ye's Ad for his new Louie Sneakers

So Ye does an Ad for his new Louie sneakers that drop in June. & Guess, who's nude in Ad w/ him none other than his chick Amber Rose..
I absolutely love these two as a couple

Welcome Backkk

so, over the past couple of weeks I've been neglecting my blog. School, work, & family have been constantly comsuming my time.. BUt now it's time to get back my save haven & get my blog together..

Lo is definitely backkkk

08 April 2009

Jacques Jams Vol. 1:Endurance

Star Traks newest protege Chester French is sick! & has debuted their first album Jacques Jams Vol. 1:Endurance. you already know I have a copy && you should get your copy if you haven't already!!!

They're letting you download it for free here: http://chesterfrench.com/mixtape/index_homepage.html

Now this is Art...

Jean Charles de Castelbajac first show entitled Triumph of the Sign Exhibition